R and M Monteverde Pty Ltd is Queensland's oldest and most experienced underpinning contractor, with thirty-six year's experience in a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic projects. Our company is fully licensed, with skilled and qualified staff who are experts in solving difficult foundation and masonry problems. The companies two directors, Ron Monteverde is a registered open builder and Robert Monteverde is a registered open house builder.

We are skilled in a variety of underpinning and restoration techniques, including mass pads, drilling, bored piles, jacked piles, screw piles, grout piles, pressure grouting and lime stabilisation with the company undertaking approximately 150 projects annually throughout Queensland and Northern N.S.W.
What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is the process of supporting the footings of an existing building at a greater depth. Underpinning is often necessary where the quality of the original soil is poor. The original founding material may be of poor quality because:-

  • It was loose or was poorly compacted fill
  • It is reactive, that is it moves with changes in moisture content
  • It is being eroded by water, slope instability or neighbouring excavation

How do I know if my home or building needs Underpinning?

If there is damage in your building in the form of:-

  • Cracks in masonry
  • Cracks in wall and ceiling linings
  • Doors out of square and/or binding
  • Floors are out of level
Then you may have a foundation problem that could be corrected by Underpinning.

What do I do if my home or building needs Underpinning?

The first step is to contact us to discuss your problem, after an inspection we can put you in contact with one of several experienced engineers to determine the cause of the movement or damage. They may well recommend Underpinning to correct the problem.


"We Underpin Queensland"

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